Bosca FAQ

See below for the most popular frequently asked questions. Click on the question to read the answer. If your question is not addressed below, please fill out a contact form.

Are Bosca wood fires primarily convector or radiant heaters?

  • One of the unique things about the Bosca wood fires is that they are essentially cross-over: both convection and radiant heaters. As a client you can get the best of both worlds.

    All Bosca models are designed to generate some of their heat via convection of warm air drawn up the side panels and over the top of the firebox. They also provide a significant amount of radiant heat because the fires have significantly thicker outer panels than typical wood fires. Those panels heat up and radiate energy.

Are Bosca wood fires clean air approved?

  • All Bosca models comply with National Environmental Standards for air quality imposed in 2005. A thermal efficiency of Bosca wood fires is above 65% and emission rates are well below 1.5 grams of particles for each kilogram of dry wood burnt.

    Regional councils have authority to impose their own regional standards which take precedence over national standards. Bosca models with tested emission rates of 0.9 g/kg can be installed in most regions of New Zealand.

What is a maximum heating area for Bosca wood fires?

  • The amount of heat that comes from a wood fire is controlled by two basic elements:

    1) The amount of wood burned at any one time limited by size of the firebox and wood quality
    2) The efficiency of the wood fire

    Bosca wood fires have very high thermal efficiency rates and are one of the most efficient wood fires available. The Spirit 550, with the largest firebox in the Bosca range, has a maximum peak heat output of 19kW, and a maximum average heat output of 10.2kW – enough to heat up to 190sqm of the average home in New Zealand if the warm air is allowed to move freely throughout the home.

    Note: With the new clean air standards, you are not able to adjust the heat output level as low as you once could with models made many years ago. Therefore, it is important to choose an appropriately sized fireplace for the room. When you place a large wood burner into a medium-small room you may find it hard to keep the heat output low enough once the room has reached a comfortable temperature.

Why would I choose a black painted flue over a stainless steel one?

  • With all wood fires, a stainless steel flue will change colour as soon as it is heated. This creates a multi coloured effect that is more prominent at the base of the flue. Some customers like this visual change and feel it replicates a traditional wood fire look. For people who would like a more uniform colour on their Bosca wood fire’s flue, they may want to consider the black painted option.

Do Bosca wood fires need an insulated hearth?

  • No, the Bosca wood fires only require an ash hearth (floor protector) made out of a non-combustible material.

What is the difference between an insulated hearth and a floor protector?

  • The insulated hearth requires 50mm of insulation material and a floor protector simply needs to be made of a non combustible material.

What are the warranty conditions for Bosca wood fires?

  • Bosca wood fires are covered with a full five year warranty on the firebox. Warranty conditions can be found here

What are the estimated burn times for a loaded burner on low and high utilising dry firewood?

  • The burning time will vary a lot depending on the length of flue, dryness of the wood and amount of fuel stack in the firebox. Based on our tests, Bosca wood fires are expected to burn around 6 hours on low setting and a couple of hours on full.

What is the difference between a standard flue and a Bosca flue?

  • Bosca flues have a special flue shield.

What type of paint is used on the Bosca wood fires?

  • Stove Bright High Temperature Metallic Black Paint which can be easily touched up if required in the future.

Can I cook on top of my Bosca wood fire?

  • No, it is not a cooktop.

What is the maximum log length that can fit in the Bosca wood fires?

  • The maximum log length is 350mm.

What kind of wood can I burn?

  • Bosca fires were tested for use with softwood, so use only untreated softwood like pine, oregon, willow, cedar or poplar. Do not use hardwoods like blue gun, manuka, oak or beach.