Bosca Spirit 550 wood fire in log house
Bosca Spirit 550 wood fire in log house
Bosca Spirit 550 wood fire in log house

Bosca wood fires in modern log houses

The Bosca Spirit 550 wood fire was selected for a sustainable house building project in the Te Huia Eco Estate, just west of Auckland. The Bosca wood fires are highly efficient heaters that use a naturally renewable resource. They have a very distinctive shape which makes them ideal for the log homes offered by the Te Huia Eco team.

John Donovan and his partner Sharon researched wood building techniques around the world and came up with a log frame house suitable for the New Zealand climate and building code. Their 200 sqm Twin Peaks Log Showhome has a unique natural feel and spectacular views over the Manukau Harbour.

Their buildings are called Te Huia Log Homes after the old Maori name for the area, Te Huia. The whole house is supported by big Douglas Fir logs which are harvested just south of Rotorua and then peeled with draw knives. Even though the house has a rustic look it is fully wired for data, light and sound and is suitable for all the luxuries of the modern world. It is up to the owner to decide how to customise the flexible design of this log structure and how to finish it.

John has only moderate needs himself and is true to his environmentally conscious philosophy. He says: “We are green, but not pedantically so, more pragmatically. The house has an aesthetic that is quite aspirational. People see it and get inspired, it lifts the senses. We are really excited to build some more.”

The Bosca Spirit 550 fits well into the corner of the showhome to achieve an effect not possible with a standard boxy looking fires. The fireplace comfortably heats the whole double storey house.

The Te Huia Eco team is happy to advise any interested clients who would like to build their own dream house. The Te Huia House log frame fits into a standard shipping container and can be erected within three days. For further details visit